RW approaches the launch of Pillow Buddy

Pillow Buddy

Hotel and even home pillows can cause a restless nights sleep. Bacteria, dust, and mold lurk inside them. Protect yourself with the Pillow Buddy…

First Text Message sent 20 years ago today

The message….”Merry Christmas”


Stations lose programming, incumbents buy up time month after month and rates don’t work are the three basic reasons media can be hard to come by. Who gets screwed, who benefits and what can be done to avoid it?

Let’s break this down one by one. Stations lose programming:  Each quarter brings a new look at possible avails to bid on which makes you stay on your toes when purchasing media for your clients. There are many variables that play into this during the buying process. What worked last 4th quarter may not be available this. What didn’t work last 4th quarter might have a great program now leading in or out of your infomercial. With this said information and research is needed each and every time you go to buy one of the thousands of options to make sure your product has the best shot at success.  Compression drives rates: When a station loses a % of paid programming avails naturally the price of poker goes up. In this case you might need to come up on rate to clear or simply move on. Looking at media results year after year or quarter after quarter may not be the only answer. Staying on your database, timing your purchasing and looking at alternative options is the key to running a successful campaign in DRTV. Having strong relationships with the sellers often keeps you in the loop and keeps rates where they need to be otherwise you just simply have to move on. Moving on is easy enough to do with proper category research, database information and key contacts to make things happen.

Incumbents buy up time month after month:  Some would say this prevents marketers or non incumbents from access to those gem avails. NOT 100% True and part of today’s media problems on the marketers, media buyers’ side and ultimately the station side. Some stations ask for an agency of record document that prevents each buying outlet from reselling time. This works beautifully in some cases but since most don’t worry about AOR’s the market place is a cesspool of senseless competition and driven rates costing the marketers more than it should. Reselling time from one, two, three or more agencies to the marketer. This hurts the marketer’s potential in that they often are paying a buyer commission of anywhere from 5% to 15% and when one buys from the next nobody will lose money and vary few will split commissions. This hurts the buying process for some but more importantly decreases the chances of success for the product or service marketer by the time the bill comes in at a 20-40% commission. Anyone can secure media on a station even if the station is sold out. The biggest problem for this is at what cost and how does that hurt future airings on said stations. Marketers and stations lose however the incumbents often times don’t. This may seem unfair, unjust or even illegal but it’s a problem that both marketers and stations have developed, allow to happen and often times don’t care. They ultimately don’t care because they’ll be another sucker out there to take their place when they move on.

Rates don’t work: Some of this is within your control where other parts are completely up to the consumers. The problems mentioned before of compression and extortion are the controllable side. Compression and moving of avails happens. The trick is to stick with what works. Through research and a sound database you should be able to identify a demographic or station type that pulls well. If the station you want doesn’t have what you want or need move to another. If you try a different day part that fits the new avail list make sure it shares similar characteristics with what’s worked in the past. Extortion is a tough one that nobody fesses up to but lives and breaths amongst us all. As a marketer don’t settle for non transparent media buys. Hold your agencies accountable for each and every decision they make. Good agencies will strike deals with resellers and stations that have the marketer’s best interest at hand. Bad ones hose, steal and hide. Rates don’t work for a couple of reasons: The fact that not all buying patterns happen the same way airing after airing. You need to change things up to keep it fresh for the consumers watching your show. A viewing audience that tunes into Wheel of Fortune every week might be great at first but once you’ve hit all the potential buyers from that show you need to move on. Rates are also dictated, negotiated and paid for by the same problems mentioned above. One week an avail costs $3800 and the next week in order to get it you have to pay $4500. That could be the difference between success and failure which again hurts the marketer’s potential for success.

In close I recommend you work with a group that you trust, stay on top of what they are doing with your money and audit the process on a daily or even hourly basis. It’s not rocket science and if it were we all wouldn’t qualify. There are good groups, sharks and scumbags in every instance so just know who you’re trusting with you potential when selecting your dream team.



RW Heads to Response Expo

RW Advertising LogoWe’re excited for another Response Expo in San Diego next week! It’s always great to share time with the best people in DRTV. This year, RW is sponsoring the 6th hole at the annual golf outing. Stop by and say hello, or we’ll see you on the show floor!

Flexcin Shoot at RW Studios

A quick photo from the Flexcin infomercial shoot. Hosts Duke and the Doctor did an amazing job!

Flexcin set with Duke and the Doctor

RW Hosts Reception Party at Chicago Housewares Show!

RW Advertising Logo


RW Advertising is please to partner with the DRMA and Response Magazine in hosting the DRMA 2012 Chicago Housewares Show Reception Party! The event is Monday March 12 from 6p-9p at Vertigo Sky Lounge. Details are here.

Join us for  hors d’oeuvres, drinks, and socializing with the best in the direct response business! Leave us a note if you plan on attending – it will be a blast!

DRTV Experts put out another winning solution for startups wanting TV exposure!

RW Advertising, Inc announces another winning solution for entering into
direct response television with Smart TV Shopper is a
creation that ties together the proven shopping network format with a
traditional infomercial. RW has done it again with a solution that allows
marketers to test the waters of DRTV without huge risk.
enables marketers to feature their products in a live to tape show that allows
up to nine minutes per product for on set demonstration and effective selling.
Smart TV Shopper just released a new show featuring three excellent products
through this format and has experienced traffic and sales instantly. Featured
product number 1: Loreem Skin Care: A all natural skin care solution for men
and women looking to clean, nurture and restore beauty. This effective skin
care solution comes in a two month supply and sells through
for under $40. Featured product number 2: The Easy Sheet: The newest innovation
in bedding in over 60 years with a patented design that increases comfort while
keeping the sheets on the bed providing an uninterrupted good night’s sleep.
Through customers get to try The Easy Sheet at a $30
discount off retail. Featured product number 3 Night Food: Sleep doesn’t have
to be the stressful part of your day. Many people toss and turn in bed wishing
they had a solution that satisfied late night hunger and helped rest their
minds to fall asleep. Now there’s Night Food the late night craving sleep aid
that gives customers what their body needs to effectively rest their minds and
get an incredible night’s sleep with no side effects. Through night food is offered at $30 under retial and offers a
$19.99 sleep six pack to try it.

The format of the on air show is simple. It features three products through
a half hour format giving each product a 1/3 stake in the on air time. All of
the products are featured at and are driven to one phone
number. The call center answers the calls and quickly identify’s which product
the consumers are calling about. At the end of the call the customers are given
an opportunity to save on the other featured products on the show and entered
into the smarttvshopper system to gain savings on current products and future
products even before they are released. “We came up with this idea out of a
need for more on camera time for our products. We found that :30, :60 and even
:120 ads weren’t enough to describe all the features and benefits each product
had to offer. Through this format we’ve been able to create a no nonsense
platform for both explaining products and testing consumer response through its
various channels. We’re excited by its future and look forward to bringing a
fresh new products and services to consumers at the best prices on the market”
Says Sean Ryan Owner @ RW Advertising, Inc

Smarttvshopper is live and taking orders for its customers through its
dynamic platform. Front end and back end traffic are currently driving sales
for participants in the program. It’s available for most product types and
looking forward to a long standing run in DRTV. Go to today
and find out more.



Picking a good Infomercial Producer for your project.


Don’t trust your project with just anyone.  It’s your baby and you want to make sure it has the right creative juice behind it.  I’m asked several good questions when being
approached to produce an infomercial.

  1. What categories do you specialize in?
  2. What is the biggest hit you’ve produced?
  3. What is your philosophy on DRTV production?
  4. What is your timeline for being on the air?

These are all good questions that need to be answered but the most important question is never asked. What makes you, the producer, right for me and my project?  Over the years one thing we at RW Advertising, Inc. have worked really hard at is relating to the products. A good DRTV producer will get to know your product as much as you do.   If the producer isn’t willing to learn about the product, its demographics and salability what good is he/she on your team? If you don’t walk away feeling like you’ve learned something other than how great that person feels they are you should run away to the other 10,000 plus options in the industry.

Understanding the product is a science!  A good writer has to know the topic of which they write. A good mechanic needs to understand everything there is about a vehicle to effectively repair. A doctor needs to understand the body and how it works, what could go wrong and have the experience to detect issues early enough to fix them. The same thing goes for a good infomercial producer. There should be no surprises that an effective producer learns after accepting a job. Remember you might only have one shot to make your product resonate with the consumer.   Make sure the partner you pick cares enough to completely understand your project prior to accepting it.

Is Information really free? Some producers will charge a fee to dive into your product.  I guess I don’t blame them for this but whatever happened to due diligence to earn trust/business. A good friend in the business once told me, “with me information is free; I’d rather you understand what I’m offering rather than blame me for not offering what you need.” We work around the clock on the notion that information is in fact free. This means we learn about the product to decide whether we can produce the show and bring the results you need.  If we find that we’re not a fit we back out and recommend someone who is. That might be too honest and forthright for this industry but we still believe in doing good business and have built our reputation on that foundation.

When you’re picking an infomercial producer just make sure you walk away feeling warm and fuzzy about your selection. Price isn’t the only factor marketers need to be sensitive of in the selection of this important decision.  Knowing the producer and his or her team has your best interests at heart and that they’ll put the time and energy into making your message sing is the most important think you should look for.

In that information is free I invite you to check us out anytime to get our perspective. Check us out online at for samples of our work and to get educated on the feasibility of your product. If nothing else you’ll walk away with a true, honest, educational approach to the Direct Response industry.



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Electronic Retailer Article

Electronic RetailerCheck out this article from the December issue of Electronic Retailer. SF Global Sourcing’s Steven Feinberg presents a case study on RW Advertising client Maxxus Marketing. It’s a nice look at product creation and presenting value to the consumer.



Sample Infomercials

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